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Agora Digital Art on Mozilla Hubs

Into this luminous space

Metaxu.Studio VR space in Mozilla Hubs for Agora Digital Art

Mozilla Hubs is a social VR platforms that is limitless in building immersive venues and social as you can hang out and meet people almost like IRL.

We found the architectural designers, we simply need to start building that space that will blow your mind!

As soon as we collect the funds, we will curate VR exhibitions and display the best women artists in digital art.

What’s your donation for?

With your generous support, we will build the best VR exhibition of women in digital arts.

Target to raise £ 1,500 to set up an online venue in Mozilla Hubs, to pay the designers, pay the maintenance and so on.

Current: we have £ 189

Thank you for your support!

Who are we?

Agora Digital Art is a certified social enterprise. We are building one of the most dynamic creative hubs in London. We champion artists who have something to say. We bring diverse communities and artists together.

WE are Agora!