Adrian StClair is a volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art.

An Art and Design curator, who has experience in production of Art fairs as well as Museum exhibitions.

Alongside this he also has worked in Auction houses.

Graduated on Art and Design History and Practice. The main focus of his research is on digital Art Curation and History, which took over most of his written work at Kingston School of Arts. Recently, he has also taken a semester course at the Sotheby’s Institute in London of Art Business foundations and Placement.

Adrian believes art should be easily accessible to see and enjoy for everyone. This is a key reason that led his interest in becoming a Curator. He expanded this idea by exploring the potential that technology and the Internet can have to promote Art and creativity. As a result of this he wrote his dissertation at Kingston as a guide for the creation of fully digital and online Art exhibitions. However, his favourite Artist is still Caspar David Friedrich.

Having grown up in Madrid it was difficult for him to not be enthralled by places such as the Prado Museum. Later on, his experience working at the exhibitions department of the Thyssen Museum would fully cement his passion for curating.

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