Bella or Isabella Helms, a volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Isabella has obtained her BA History of Art and Design in 2019. She just finished her MA in History of Art and Museum Curating at the University of Sussex.
Her focus for her studies is on feminist and queer curatorship, looking at the way museums and galleries can be more inclusive to all. Currently, available for curatorial work.
Isabella is excited to be joining the team at Agora as she is passionate about helping to provide a platform for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy art.
Isabella is a Freelance Curator and available to work on exciting projects.

Agora #2: Mothers in Digital Art – Wednesday Kim and Flavia Visconte

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2021-04-24T04:24:59+01:0017 July 2020|Agora Talks, Digital Art, Feminism, Performance|Comments Off on (M)otherhood: Online, Offline and in Lockdown
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