Agora Digital Art new podcast addition is : Belonging, hosted and lead by Natasha Waddell, Museum podcaster.

Belonging is a podcast, which will focus on methods of curating digital and new media art. Examining what challenges digital art presents to traditional methods of curation and how museums can incorporate this and work to promote less conventional narratives through the curation of the art, helping us to further understand day’s world and looking at what it means to belong within a museum space.

I’ll be developing a series of podcast episodes, examining the role of women in digital and new media art, and also looking at wider issues related to the curation of this kind of art and the changing role of the museum.

Within this context, this will include exploring opportunities for women in the digital new media art space, examining the relationship between the museum and digital art and emphasizing the voices of people who have been typically ignored in these spaces.

Each episode will be around 20 to 25 minutes. There’ll be either just me or interview-based episodes where the section dedicated to discussing wider thematic issues.

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