bethan carrick

Bethan is a fashion historian with expertise in the UK digital arts scene. She has a BA in History of Art from University of York and an MA in History of Art (Documenting Fashion) from Courtauld Institute of Art. Her BA and MA research led her to explore 20th-century transatlantic subcultures, particularly within print media. She is currently exploring a career within the sustainable fashion industry as she is interning at multiple organisations, whilst engaging with digital art curation at Agora and through her own platform,

Alongside her studies, she has led numerous curatorial projects: IRL and URL exhibitions, charity art events, and workshops. Bethan’s curatorial practice has developed from her interest in digital arts, in particular the role of digital native spaces within the art world and wider culture. She is continually using her knowledge of 20th-century art and fashion as a way to understand our relation to shifts in technology, more generally, and the Digital Age (post-1989), more specifically.

One curatorial avenue she would like to pursue is the collaboration between the gaming industry and luxury fashion. Through this she hopes to bring to the fore ideas surrounding digital archiving, immersive technology, and the potential of digital sustainability.

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