carla gannis

Carla Gannis (b. 1970) is an American artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She produces transmedia works that consider the uncanny complications between grounded and virtual reality, nature and artifice, science and science fiction in contemporary culture — inviting viewers to experience life “through a digital looking glass” where reflections on power, sexuality, marginalization, and agency emerge. Gannis’s work has appeared in exhibitions, screenings and internet projects across the globe. Recent projects include “Portraits in Landscape,” Midnight Moment, Times Square Arts, NY and “Sunrise/Sunset,” Whitney Museum of American Art, Artport. Gannis received an MFA in painting from Boston University, and currently, she is an Industry Professor at New York University (NYU) in the Integrated Digital Media Program, Department of Technology, Culture and Society, Tandon School of Engineering. She is also a Year 7 Member of NEW INC, in the XR: Bodies in Space track.

wwwunderkammer from XR to social VR – Carla Gannis

wwwunderkammer from XR to social VR – Carla Gannis wwwunderkammer appeals to the 16th  century “Cabinets of Curiosity” [...]

Carla Gannis

Carla Gannis When will digital art be considered a part of the art historical canon? [...]

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