Dalena Tran

Dalena Tran (b. 1992) is a New Media artist, creative director, and educator living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Her research-based practice reinterprets applications of traditional art forms with emerging digital technologies through hybrid mediations. Engaging various media forms as semiotic storytelling, she investigates the everyday confluences of language and expression; presence and immateriality; voyeurism and surveillance; urbanism and hegemony; play and pause Her practice incorporates music video direction, research and critical writing. Through the use of open-source software, she reinterprets traditional creative processes within the context of digital forms of production. Tran’s digital art is centred around the exploration of the interconnections of human-centred experiences via films and animations. As an educator, Tran recently held a visiting professorship at Ohio State University. She taught in Moving Image, Internet Art, and Sound and Image.

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