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Time Travel and Digital Art: How Nicole Welch’s Time-lapse Video Art Collapses Time

Australian new media artist Nicole Welch explores the passage of time in her moving image works, immersing viewers in [...]

Conflict in My Outlook_We Met Online (2020) – Xanthe Dobbie

Can a Buzzfeed-style quiz capture your online sexual persona? Would you want your results to be public? Queer Australian [...]

Art is Still Here: A Hypothetical Show for a Closed Museum (2020) – Lu Yang

M WOODS gallery in Shanghai has released an incongruous online group show. Elizabeth Harris   |  Ed Francesca Gransden  [...]

Tara Marynowsky, Coming Attractions at The National: New Australian Art 2019

Films such as Pretty Woman, watched and re-watched over time, can become like familiar friends. Elizabeth Harris  |  [...]

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