flavia visconte

Flavia Visconte’s works merge video essays, video installations and photography.

Her investigation focuses on the posthuman condition from a glance influenced by the internet and digital culture. She seeks to reflect the influence of techno-patriarchy in body technologies and in the creation of sexualized devices that contribute to increasing the perception of women as objects.

In her recent work, she researches the impact of reproductive technologies and how they become a battleground for interaction between gender, technology and power structures.

She currently coordinates Acéfala Web Residency, an online residency for visual artists organized by Acéfala Galería in Buenos Aires. This residency increases the possibility of experimenting with digital technologies and exploring the singularities of web-based exhibitions as site-specific events.

Her works have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and festivals, in Buenos Aires, Miami, New York and London.

She lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mothers in Digital Art – Wednesday Kim and Flavia Visconte

Beyond the romanticised idea of (m)otherhood, does this "condition" changed with the symbiosis of technology and the artist's life? [...]

2022-03-27T14:59:11+01:0019 July 2021|Digital Art, Interview, Metaverse, New Media Art, Podcast Interview|Comments Off on Mothers in Digital Art – Wednesday Kim and Flavia Visconte
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