Giselle Stanborough

Sydney-based, Giselle Stanborough (@gisellestanborough) holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts (now UNSW Art & Design). Using apps such as TikTok, she questions who our ‘real’ and digital selves are, and whether they can ever be fully reconciled with each other. Engaging deeply with continental philosophy, her work is recognisable for its deft blending of high and pop culture. Stanborough’s multi-platform artwork Lozein: Find the lover you deserve (2016) was shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art’s 2016 exhibition, New Romance: art and the posthuman. Cinopticon at Carriageworks is her first major solo exhibition. Cinopticon is funded by The Katthy Cavaliere Fellowship, which awards $100,000 each to three women artists, honouring Cavaliere’s performance-installation practice. 

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