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Pretoria-born Lethabo Huma (b.1998) brings classical, analogue painting techniques into the New Media space. Her digital paintings are a portal for crystalising and expressing her emotions and thoughts about her life experiences and the world around her. Though relatively new to professional Digital Art, Huma already boasts an impressive catalogue of vibrant and expressive portraiture.

As someone who has always struggled to express herself verbally, Huma was drawn to art from a young age as a way to visually express and articulate her thoughts and feelings. Huma has been a professional artist for five years; the first two years of her career saw her working in a more traditional, analogue artistic space. In exploring new techniques, Huma found Digital Art and this has become the focus of the last three years of her career. A self-taught Digital Artist, Huma currently uses the illustration app ‘Procreate’ to create her professional work. She is also expanding and honing her skills in New Media through her studies at the University of South Africa.

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