A citizen of the world, Linda Loh was born in the regional Australian town of Korumburra and has worked and lived in Melbourne, New York, London, and Edinburgh. Loh studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and the School of Visual Art in New York, where she received her Master of Fine Art (Computer Arts) in 2021.

Loh transforms everyday sources of light into luminescent manifestations of colour that explore concepts of infinity, ephemerality and immateriality. Most often taking the form of shimmering and shifting mirages, Loh’s work stems from an attraction to digital art as ‘art that doesn’t exist’. Intriguing to the eye, Loh’s works are more than just their lustrous aesthetic; her practice is influenced by an interest in experiences of transcendence and the concept of the”‘technological sublime”, extending the Romantic Sublime movement into our digital world to evoke sensations beyond the limits of reason.

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