mishelle brito

Mishelle is a UK based freelance curator working to create dialogues relating to societal concerns in the Middle East through art, culture & creative based methods. Prior to freelancing, Mishelle worked in the public health and social impact sectors, working primarily with organizations who are focused on minority & immigrant concerns. Her efforts are focused on program design, coordination, communications and promotion of organizational initiatives to local communities. 

Mishelle obtained a master of art in Culture, Policy & Management. Her master’s dissertation “Instagram an effective, contemporary tool for Palestinian cultural resistance,” examined the social media platform ‘Instagram’ as an effective contemporary form of cultural resistance for Palestinians against the Israeli occupation. Her research explored how various Palestinian photographers and activists utilize Instagram to capture and highlight the Palestinian narrative and how the platform itself is utilized by users to represent political visibilities that motivate social action in support of Palestine. 

Mishelle enjoys speaking Spanish with her 2 year old daughter Julieta, salsa dancing, and is always in search of the best Mexican food in London. 

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Gabriella Warren-Smith captures this constant ‘automatic ingrained behaviour’ with our digital devices perfectly, revealing that the average person checks [...]

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