Belonging #1: What is at the heart of the Nxt Museum with Natasha Greenhalgh

Transforming the New Media Art Scene in the Netherlands, in this episode of Belonging, we chat to Natasha Greenhalgh [...]

NUMOMO Podcast: How to build a community and sell NFT art? (4/6)

Discover how NUMOMO has built its community in Seoul, South Korea. NUMOMO  |  Ed YoungMi Lamine  | recorded: [...]

NUMOMO podcast: How to capture more value from your digital artworks? (3/6)

Learn what are the advantages of the NFTs and community building to succeed in the crypto art. NUMOMO  [...]

Pioneers #1: Tamiko Thiel – Reflections on the Artist’s Way

A pioneer in computing, new media and digital art, Tamiko crossed from using art to develop cutting edge technology [...]

Belonging – New Podcast about Digital Art and Museums

How exciting Belonging is the new podcast about Digital Art curation and how museums build narrative with New Media [...]

Queer As Art #1: Trans-Magic Identity Crisis – Sammie Veeler

Sammie Veeler's work really embodies trans-magic, a constant queer discussion between her craft and herself. A soulful self-discovery encompassing [...]

2021-04-17T14:10:34+01:0013 March 2021|Digital Art, Digital Music, In Los Angeles, Interview, LGBTQIA+, New Media Art, Podcast Interview|Comments Off on Queer As Art #1: Trans-Magic Identity Crisis – Sammie Veeler

NUMOMO Podcast: What is Life as a Crypto Artist? (2/6)

In this talk,  special guest crypto artist, Snow Yunxue Fu, shared her experience with her NFTs. NUMOMO  |  [...]

NUMOMO Podcast: What is digital token art on the blockchain? (1/6)

NUMOMO NFT Agency educates creatives about the benefits of tokens and supports the most talented creatives with a complete, [...]

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