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Neuroplasticity or I Love You Gertrūda – Gertrūda Gilytė

The project is the continuation of Gilyté’s theoretical research (personal development as a performative practice) and her previous Instagram-based [...]

The Face of The Rain – Marcella França

Marcella França’s artistic practice utilises a multidisciplinary approach to create powerfully evocative and immersive experiential art that speaks to [...]

Mothers in Digital Art – Wednesday Kim and Flavia Visconte

Beyond the romanticised idea of (m)otherhood, does this "condition" changed with the symbiosis of technology and the artist's life? [...]

2022-03-27T14:59:11+01:0019 July 2021|Digital Art, Interview, Metaverse, New Media Art, Podcast Interview|Comments Off on Mothers in Digital Art – Wednesday Kim and Flavia Visconte

Videogame Art with Kristoffer Zetterstrand

In our fifth episode of Curator’s Radar, we are in conversation with Kristoffer Zetterstrand, an accomplished Swedish artist whose [...]

2022-03-27T15:44:12+01:001 June 2021|Animation Art, Computer Art, Digital Art, Game Art, Illustration, Immersive Environment, New Media Art, Podcast Interview, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Videogame Art with Kristoffer Zetterstrand
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