S4RA (Sandra Araùjo: they/them) a non-binary and genderqueer Digital Artist and gamer.

S4RA are a New Media artist currently taking their MA in Multimedia Art at Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. S4RA confess they’ve spent endless hours fighting monsters and strolling through mazes — a love of gaming, which shines through in their use of old-school graphics, glitch-aesthetics and the recurrent motif of the role-play. Take a look at their work and you’ll find everything from floating flip-phones to Putin riding a My Little Pony, often set against the dynamic backdrop of social media platforms. As playful as their work can be, it also asks pointed questions about the virtual disposition: What does it mean to be human in an automated world? How does labelling persist? What are the effects of surveillance capitalism, misinformation and virality on the body?

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