sarah roberts

Sarah Roberts is a volunteer copywriter and biographer at Agora Digital Art

Digital Dreaming: Four New Media Artists explore the abundance of imagination at the Venice Biennale

Be intrigued by these Digital Artists who explore the metamorphosis of the body and unbridled fantasy at the most [...]

2022-06-29T13:42:01+01:0012 June 2022|Digital Art, New Media Art, Women To Watch|0 Comments

Tamiko Thiel

Tamiko Thiel Tamiko Thiel uses deep fakes, fingerprints and phones to bridge the connection between [...]

Rachel Rossin

Rachel Rossin Is technology nothing more than an extension of our body? Digital artist Rachel [...]

2022-01-27T13:53:17+00:0022 January 2021|Art and Technology, Artist Profile, Augmented Reality, Biography, CGI, Computer Art, cryptocurrency, Digital Art, New Media Art, Video Art|Comments Off on Rachel Rossin
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