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Wes Viz is based in both London, UK and Tallinn, Estonia. Over a 15-year career as a video director and animator, Wes has built a strong portfolio of advertising and music videos working for a diverse range of clients. She has extensive experience in animation and video production and her videos and projects have featured in Creative Review, Kaltblut Magazine, Hunger and Paper Mag among others.

Wes Viz is known for her unconventional and edgy approach that combines a cyberpunk aesthetic with dark gothic undertones. This style has seen her work with bands, DJs and musicians like Hozier, Biffy Clyro, and Kid Brunswick. She has also created NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) of her music visuals with music artists such as Kareful and Pictureplane.

Wes Viz utilises new and emerging technologies in her commercial work, and in more intimate artistic pieces she critically explores the impact of these same technologies in shaping both personal identity and mental states. She also looks ahead – to the rapidly evolving ‘metaverse’ and asks – how and in what ways will this affect how people communicate with each other? To explore these themes, she is now developing her own immersive VR art experiences.

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