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Agora Digital Art produces and curates talks that focus on women new media artists. We aim to expand our community’s perspectives on digital art, expression, and interpretation.

We provide an essential opportunity to engage with fabulous creative minds in a relaxed, nurturing environment.

The talks span various art and technology about the ever-changing digital art sector. It’s the world we live in today.

We cultivate a vibrant and collaborative network of digital artists, art professionals and technology experts during our virtual talks.

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Agora Talks

21.01.27 Immersive Kind - Kadine James and Lucy Wheeler

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The Immersive Kind XR studio: Future Art Ecosystems

The Immersive Kind (IK) is an interdisciplinary collective working with artists, crafting machine intelligence, we work with neuroscientists, AI engineers, data scientists and bio architects.

IK is an art and advanced technology organisation that’s focused on providing opportunities for emerging artists, diverse, underrepresented voices, and queer communities to exercise their ideas and their voices.

21.02.10 Agora Talk: Karen Levy for Agora Digital Art

dslcollection: A Challenging Project in between the Gamer and the Art experience

Since 2005, dslcollection has established a model that makes collecting art continuously active and meaningful, always moving with the shifting times.

This collection pursues an interactive and participatory approach, redefining the traditional relationships between art and its audience, deconsecrating the public’s approach to art, avoiding any intimidation and countering the notion of art as elitist.

In 2010, the collection was the first available on an IPad. In 2012, the collection built a museum on Second Life. In 2016, dslcollection was among the first private collections to build a VR museum.


Lend Me Your Face: Deep Fake Yourself! with the artist Tamiko Thiel and Jon Uriarte, Curator at The Photographers’ Gallery

17 Feb at 18:30

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One still image is enough to produce the deep fake videos, with no prior modelling necessary.

Try it!

3 March 2021

Samm Anga and Veronica Petukov

More info soon

21.03.10 Agora Talk: Alice Scope: Cultural Policy for Agora Digital Art

10 March 2021

Alice Scope, Founder of Cultural Policy

More info soon

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21.01.13 Agora Talk: Monica Vlad - audiovisual performance artist

The sound in my head. A perfect moment for women in digital art

Discover how Monica Vlad overcame the fear of creating sound compositions and audiovisual live performances on stage, based on pure intuition and following the inner creative voices.

If you are stuck in your creative work and feel confused about what to do next, there’s only one way to find out where to go: being absolutely true to yourself.

Agora Talk: Claudi Hart "Dolls House" 2020 at Agora Digital Art

Digital Art: Engaging Beyond the Screen

Mila Askarova and Claudia Hart, the pioneer digital women artist discussed the artist’s exhibition on view at London’s Gazelli Art House, the unveiling of Claudia Hart’s new series ‘An Imaginary Ruin” on until 10 January 2021.

Agora Talk: Lilia Ziamou - Digital Identities at Agora Digital Art

Digital Bodies as Narratives

Lilia Ziamou, multimedia artist, questioned our digital identity and representation.

Agora Talk: Or Williams "The Wedding March" 2020 at Agora Digital Art

A Female Digital Avatar of the Mind

Or Williams, multimedia artist, developed a new body of work related to digital filters and state of mind during Covid-19.

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Monica Vlad is an audiovisual performance artist coming on 13 January 2021 for our Agora Talk
20.08.26 Agora Talk: Snow Yunxue Fu talks about the Liminality of Digital Art
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