The talk focuses on the series titled Digital Dystopia of the Mind, a part of my research which challenges concepts of perfection.

Or Williams’ practice is based on her medical condition and it is predominantly acknowledged by its confessional nature. As a surgeon of images, Or removes huge chunks of data from the digital file, as if she was removing organs or tissues from one’s body. This act which resonates with her recent surgical experience results in glitching and distorting in the original file and turning it into a reflection of her mental state. Williams no longer recognises her body and mind. She also seems to forget that not long ago she used to be “normal”. Folds and tips, discolourations and deformations took over her sponge-like body, a new muppet version of herself. 

Or Williams is a multidisciplinary artist based in the UK. Her work incorporates low tech imagery and aesthetic, constructs of Digital and New Media watercolour painting, photography and performance. With over 30 years of experience in ceramics and the 3D world, Or is currently in her final year of BFA from the University of Reading.

She has presented her works in Open Hands Open Space (2019), and Tate Exchange (2018/19) as part of Reading Art Lab. In these exhibitions Or focused on new media participatory performances.   


Why should I attend?

Through her series Dystopia of the Mind, Or Williams will discuss the unspoken reality that is imposed upon the female artist-mother-wife-housewife, and the ways she found to continue creating outside of her studio using new media’s most accessible tools.

While her pre-pandemic practice focused on her physical state and revolved around the perfection of the female body with disability; this new volume of work, emerged during the COVID-19, depicts the dialogue between technology and mind. The space between the analogue and technology-filled with glitched images channels the emotional rather than the physical, by doing so, it becomes free from physical boundaries and social conventions.

More info

  • Date: Wednesday 28 October 2020

  • Time: 18:30 (London, UK)

  • Location: GMeet (best on G Chrome or GMeet phone app here)

  • Level: All

  • Discipline: Mixed Media and Technology

  • Curator and ModeratorIsabella Helms

Link to Gmeet venue

Or William’s Portfolio

I use performance, moving image and new media to criticise the notion of the “perfect” female body.

 © Courtesy of the artist.
 © Courtesy of the artist.
 © Courtesy of the artist.
 © Courtesy of the artist.

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