Coronavirus is accelerating the digital cultural revolution on a global scale. What will the next generation of museums be?

Nataliya Velykanova (planet Earth, 1982) is the Founder and Art director of Gate22 – an innovative project of a Museum of Digital Arts & Design in virtual reality. An architect, designer and visual artist, she is a citizen of the world and dreamer too, working to foster inspiration and imagination in our daily lives.


Why should I attend?

Gate22 is a high concept-Museum for the Digital Art & Design in virtual reality.

Welcome to Museum 2.0! Fully digital but centred on the human experience, with Gate22 we imagined new ways of distribution in physical, digital and virtual worlds, a new business model, new narration methods, new ways of creating the experience with an increasingly participative collaboration between the public and the community of artists.

During this presentation, we will share with you the cornerstones of this ambitious project and the ways we’d like to innovate in the culture tech field.

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  • Date: Wednesday 25 November 2020

  • Time: 18:30 (London, UK)

  • Location: GMeet – best on G Chrome or phone app

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Gate22’s Portfolio

 © Courtesy of the artist and Gate22

Gate²²’s Introspexion exhibition aims to offer the public a new perception of reality and of the world around us. Through virtual reality, you will live an immersive experience and discover three digital artworks as well as a questioning created by the artists. It all starts with a thought which, through different concepts, offers us a perception of our reality. Is reality universal or specific to each one of us? Is the world around us a simple illusion, construction of the mind? Through the three experiences, the public will be invited to introspection in order to find personal answers to these questions. The scenario of the exhibition which is built in several stages in different digital universes will transport you on this human and philosophical journey in order to discover another vision of the world. For a few minutes, you will be immersed in an intimate and deep space of your consciousness… When you return, will reality still seem as “solid” to you?

 © Courtesy of the artist.
 © Courtesy of the artist.

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