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Artists Ellie Niblock (UK) and Alaa Tarazbouni (Saudi Arabia) collectively explore the environment both digital and physical through the lens of sculpture and architecture.

With Love, From Nowhere: The Places of the Not Yet is an exploration into unknowable places of the not yet, translating an impossible physical experience of visiting the fictional non-places through the combination of drawing, sculpture, 3D scanning, mapping and sound; thus, making the imaginary, intangible spaces comprehendible through the virtual domain.

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This talk is based on Elif Eda’s first experience with Digital Arts. As a filmmaker, she has always thought the movies she makes or produces should create new “eyes” for the audience rather than telling a story written in stone.

If you have ever been labelled by the society, if you have ever felt stuck in a role that does not feel authentic and if you have been constantly looking ways of expressing yourself, you have to watch this talk about how Elif Eda’s VR project “The Thing Between Us”.

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