British-Sudanese Architectural Designer, Rayan Elnayal shared how she used her architectural skills to visualise fictional spaces inspired by her diasporic background & ethnocentric ideas.

She explored the artistic journey and the conceptualisation of her latest project, A Magic Realist Afrabia, and discussed relevant themes in her work such as Magic realism, Afrofuturism, the portrayal of western media narratives, identity and ethnic hybridism.

Rayan Elnayal is a Sudanese Part 2 Architectural Assistant and Artist based in London. 

Her thesis project- ‘A magic realist Afrabia’ explored ideas on magic realism and multi-culturalism in Architecture and design. 

Since graduating from the University of Greenwich, Rayan has held two solo exhibitions on the project and hopes to continue exploring these topics via her research and drawings.


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What did we learn?

  1. The third-space is not only related to ethnicity, it encompasses a wider range of in-between states.
  2. We learn more about Rayan hybrid identity
  3. Rayan included in this project not only magic realism and futurism but also symbols in each work that connect London and Khartoum
  4. How Rayan works in 2D and 3D and the tools she uses
  5. We have to read Tayeb Salih’s novel “Season of Migration to the North” that inspired Afrabia
  6. We definitely should check-out Alfayez Antique Store in Edgware Road (Paddington, London area, UK).

More info

Additional info:

Artist’s Portfolio

For Rayan Elnayal go to 32:05
© Courtesy of the artist.
© Courtesy of the artist.

What’s next?

Rayan Elnayal will explore more 3D and video.

The prints and the book of “A Magic Realist Afrabia” will be available on the artist’s website.

© Courtesy of the artist.

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