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Agora is a volunteer-based organisation, and a member of NCVO, Reach Volunteering and Social Enterprise UK.

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Programme Team

Alexandra Busila is a History of Art and Psychology graduate of the University of Glasgow.
She is mostly proud of her artistic research in which she experiments with purposeful gatherings, peer learningcollective emotions and social intimacy.
She is a sucker for anything that helps release endorphins in humans, be it serious or ridiculous, online or offline, and she is always working to create new ways for communities to engage with artAll for the sake of mental health.
Isabella is has graduated obtained her BA History of Art and Design in 2019. She is currently working towards her MA in History of Art and Museum Curating at the University of Sussex.
Her focus for her studies is on feminist and queer curatorship, looking at the way museums and galleries can be more inclusive to all. After her studies, she hopes to work towards a career in curating.
Isabella is excited to be joining the team at Agora as she is passionate about helping to provide a platform for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy art.

A Marketing Event professional, who worked in the corporate and not-for-profit sector.

Studied Art Management and Policies at Birkbeck, and Art Business at SIA.

A fervent defender that all experience is knowledge and art can be simply enjoyed.

YoungMi is an enthusiast documentary photographer. “Faith and Dare” was a photo doc about two single mothers establishing themselves, in London, before taking their kids from their home countries.

Clemmie Melvin has coordinated conferences in Sydney, San Francisco, New York and London. Devising events which focus on female empowerment and gender equality in the workplace is her forte.

Prior to becoming an international events coordinator, Clemmie worked for the Saatchi Gallery, leading tours and workshops for students from primary school to university level.

She is a firm believer in the vital importance of art and the necessity of its accessibility.

Clemmie lives in London and can often be found lurking in one of the Tate’s. She loves reading, theatre and podcasts.

An Art and Design curator, who has experience in the production of Art fairs as well as Museum exhibitions. Alongside this, he also has worked in Auction houses.

Graduated in Art and Design History and Practice. The main focus of his research is on digital Art Curation and History, which took over most of his written work at Kingston School of Arts. Recently, he has also taken a semester course at the Sotheby’s Institute in London of Art Business Foundations and Placement.

Adrian believes art should be easily accessible to see and enjoy for everyone. This is a key reason that led his interest in becoming a Curator. He expanded this idea by exploring the potential that technology and the Internet can have to promote Art and creativity. As a result of this, he wrote his dissertation at Kingston as a guide for the creation of fully digital and online art exhibitions. However, his favourite Artist is still Caspar David Friedrich.

Having grown up in Madrid it was difficult for him to not be enthralled by places such as the Prado Museum. Later on, his experience working at the exhibitions department of the Thyssen Museum would fully cement his passion for curating.

Editorial Team

Clare (M.Litt.) gained a distinction in English Literature at Newcastle University. Since then, she has completed the Teach First Leadership Development Programme in the North East and worked as a writer in Beirut and the UK, a teacher in Nepal, Vanuatu, France and the UK and as a researcher.

This spring, Clare has been hosting a podcast, writing a children’s book about touch in the world of Covid-19 and spending time volunteering at L’Arche, a community for people with and without learning difficulties.

In her role as writer and editor for the fashion brand and social enterprise Salim Azzam in Beirut, Clare worked on ensuring the voice of the brand was consistent and recognisable across all interviews, publications and on social media and authored a book which was published alongside the fashion collection (A/W 2016).

Her work as a researcher has included papers on The Sheik, an early twentieth-century novel about travel, lust, androgyny and rape. Also, more recently, a paper on blindness, tactile artwork and an early twentieth-century school in Sunderland.

Outside work, Clare can normally be found wild swimming with her partner, Hannah, or knitting cardigans for her nephew, Jack.

My passion lies in creating content which showcases and celebrates the diversity of voices in and around the arts. I am committed to supporting accessible, creative platforms and have built up a range of experiences in the arts and culture sector. I have written for a variety of websites, as well as working freelance for independent artists. I am a versatile content producer and art lover.

Intrigued by the link between technology and creativity, I have long been fascinated by the challenges that modern and digital artists face in the art industry. Studying various mediums, artists and movements during my four-year History of Art and English Literature degree at The University of Edinburgh, shaped the way I approach my passion.

Eager to meet new people and experience new perspectives, I moved to Cape Town for a year to travel, write and explore. Discovering the exciting, exuberant and abundant art scene; I was inspired to learn more about installation, 3D art, and ultimately explore my curiosity surrounding the way the modern age engages with and reflects culture and society.

Now working in editing at The Guardian in London and with Agora Digital Art, I am excited to share this passion and give other curious young people a place to engage with and learn more about digital art and the increasingly relevant impact it has on the world.

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts in Art History and French from the Australian National University.

She works in the legal industry and spends her spare time at galleries and listening to Talk Art. 

She has a deep interest in the intersection between the arts and law and hopes to undergo further study in this area. 

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Francessca Page is an Arts Professional with over three years experience in Communications.

Specialising in Cultural Communications, Francessca has worked with leading international and regional art fairs, biennales and galleries across Shanghai, London, Dubai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hong Kong, Singapore, Miami and Basel.

With experience including: brand messaging, global media outreach, event launches, crisis communications, and social media content.

My name is Bekkie, and I’m a half Vietnamese/Chinese and half Welsh 20-year-old from East London.

I’m currently finishing my final year studying Art History at the University of Bristol.

I’ve been fascinated by art for as long as I can remember, and I’ve loved both creating art in school and as a hobby as well as learning about how we display, engage with and talk about art during my studies at university.

I’ve also had a lifelong interest in music, playing the double bass and piano and creating and performing music with my friends and my brother. Both of these passions led me to my dissertation, which is on Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ music video, a piece of art its own right.

My research, and interest in social media, has expanded my knowledge and curiosity of digital art. Our society is becoming more and more reliant on technology and social media, and as art is a representation of society, it’s only fitting that the art world is moving online as well.

I hope to help encourage digital art’s acceptance as it’s own medium and art form.

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Elspeth Walker is a freelance art and culture writer, whose work focuses on the impact art has on society and expanding questions formed in these works or practises.

With a strong focus on opening up the art world, she is committed to creating work that helps to increase accessibility in the sector.

Brand and Marketing Team

Samm is a 22-year-old Nigerian-born composer, music producer, singer, performer and film-maker based in both Scotland and England. Graduating with a First Class Honours in English and Music at Aberdeen University, he is now keen to explore live experimental music opportunities in London. His experience in managing and curating events culminated in the very successful SUB.Liminal Festival in Aberdeen City, which boasted such events as a digital art gallery, live electronic music nights, and spoken word performance.

Digital art is increasingly important in Samm’s work. His recent collaboration with VJ artists vnc.ptk and flat added new dimensions to his live performance, sequencing and moshing visual data from a range of vignettes taken from his video work. For Samm, the importance of the digital in music is unmistakably linked to the sounds of the natural world, where everyday sounds can be recorded and transformed into lush soundscapes. Moving forward, Samm hopes to continue collaboration with 3D and CGI art forms to generate a new musical language for the growing variety of virtual art.

Samm’s work with Agora Digital Art began with his commission for music for the brand, and he is scheduled to give an upcoming talk about his practice on the virtual platform Teooh!


Dean Botham is a Social Media and Digital Marketing Professional working with Agora to help develop and implement a variety of marketing strategies. Dean believes that hard work and a drive for success can accomplish anything.

Dean has worked with Hollywood Bowl Group for the past 5 years and developed an enjoyment of marketing, which he developed personally and has had managed a number of successes, including being Shortlisted for a SoGlos Lifestyle Award in 2019. He has also worked with Willians Solicitors raising over £3000 for Maggie charity.

Dean is a Ice Hockey and Rugby fan, living in Cheltenham. He holds a Bachelors degree in Sports Development and Coaching from the University of Gloucestershire, as well as holding diplomas in Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Amine Dahimene has a huge passion for helping brands with their digital transformation journey. From small startups to large international enterprises, loves getting involved and helping clients achieve their goals when they need it the most.

In this day and age, generating leads and increasing search visibility is the name of the game. Because of this, Amine works closely with every client team to ensure that objectives are met from day one.

And while working for the last 10 years in SEO and digital marketing, Amine has certainly seen his fair share of clients. From those looking for Content Marketing, Technical SEO and PPC assistance to businesses in need of a full SEO strategy, every project provides new challenges which Amine overcomes with sustained effort and creativity.


Ravi graduated in Marketing and has worked for companies such as Monster Energy, Apprintable and Harrods.

He considers SEO to be the best field in Digital Marketing, as it is constantly evolving with new updates, exiting tools to use and blogs to follow.


Marilia is a Brand and Marketing professional who has worked on some of the world’s most loved brands, developing insightful strategies that have helped them grow.

She blends her background in business and data analysis, with a strong passion for human psychology, creative thinking and innovation.

Marilia has always been fascinated by the Arts and by their power to enrich people’s lives. She loves music, design and art. She has even been an amateur painter in her past life and has written research articles on the experience of consuming art and dancing the Argentine tango.

Michael is the Art Director and Website Designer for Agora, he is also Graphic Designer for Gamlen Tableting Ltd and formally Art Editor of Creative Partnerships at Condé Nast Traveller and Condé Nast Brides. His multifaceted creativity and skills in graphics, magazine design, typography, branding, web design, and directing photo shoots have led him to work for leading media outlets including The Telegraph, The Sunday Times Style magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Top Santé. Furthermore, Michael was the Art Director on the launch of Campden NXG and worked on the launch of Very.co.uk. As a freelance design consultant, he provides clients with web design, advertisements, and art direction for films.


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