Agora Virtual Reality Exhibitions

Why does Agora focus on virtual reality?

Agora totally agrees with Margaret Dolinsky, pioneer interactive artist, who defined VR as “the first redefinition of perspective since the Renaissance” because virtual reality offers seemingly unlimited artistic possibilities worth exploring.

Agora Digital Art’s objective is to produce the best VR exhibitions, showcasing self-identified women working at the interstice of New Media Art and VR technology.

Digital Exhibition Producer: MiMi L.

Venues  @Metaxustudio. Quick tutorial on How to Navigate in Hubs Mozilla

Forthcoming VR Exhibition

AES+F, Inverso Mundus (2015) 1ch trailer 6 min FullHD 1080  © Courtesy of the artist.

The Dream

The unconscious, the illogical, the irrational – what is it about dreams and their uncanny nature that drives us towards conjuring fantastical explanations and mystical reports on their meanings? The depths of the internet have become a repository for dreams, hopes, irrational thoughts and vents – but are we asleep or awake? Sleepwalking or stationary? Is this a dream or a nightmare?

Artworks: Any New Media Art format with a surreal touch

Exhibition:  in VR Mozilla Hubs in Nov 2022 for thewrong biennale. And maybe later, a physical 3-day IRL exhibit.

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What’s on?

The Sublime 3.0: Fear and Awe

Opening: 1 November 2021 – 1 May 2022

@ Dust Concept (2021) artworks concept and creation. Redesigned by Cristina Martinez © Courtesy of Dust Concept.

As part of thewrong biennale 5; the group show gathers 11 women digital artists and displays 14 artworks related to the theme of the digital sublime.

Artists in the show: Sandrine Deumier, Sian Fan, Valentina Ferrandes, Rebekah Boshan Guo, Bolim Jeon, Maria Judova, Linda Loh, Nicoleta Mureş, S4RA, Dalena Tran,  Wes Viz.

Partners Venues: on view @thewrong.biennale (Pavilion 37) until May 2022

Agora Team: Concept Creator: Gabriella Gasparini  |  Digital Curator: Deen Atger  |  VR Exhibition Curator and Producer: MiMi
Visit >> The Sublime 3.0

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