How to navigate in Hubs Mozilla

Thanks to our partner Metaxustudio composed by Ertu, Pierre-François, Neil and Pablo.

Thank you for your incredible flexibility and know-how.

Should you have a VR headset, it’s best on Occulus Quest 2 and later models.

To enjoy the exhibition inside Hubs Mozilla, please make sure to have:

  • desktop experience only
  • a stable connection
  • Firefox or Google Chrome
  • window zoom size at 25-50% for best resolution or it pixellates
  • your earphones

How to navigate inside Hubs Mozilla on laptops or desktops:

  • a mouse to rotate:
    • Q and E or left mouse button
    • to teleport: Right mouse button
  • a keyboard to move:
    • Arrow or W, A, S, D keys
    • to fly: press  g  or type  /fly  in the chat
    • to move faster: press the SHIFT key + arrow
How to navigate in Hubs Mozilla - Agora Digital Art
  • to jump into the 360 degrees video:
    • click on the space bar and jump with your mouse on the mini icon
    • to jump out press:  g
Waypoint in Hubs Mozilla - Agora Digital Art

Don’t forget to create your avatar with Ready Player Me (half-body only) and link it to Hubs. Step-by-step pdf here.

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