Open Call for Digital Artists

Concept: The Dream

The unconscious, the illogical, the irrational – what is it about dreams and their uncanny nature that drives us towards conjuring fantastical explanations and mystical reports on their meanings? The depths of the internet have become a repository for dreams, hopes, irrational thoughts and vents – but are we asleep or awake? Sleepwalking or stationary? Is this a dream or a nightmare?

Artworks: Any New Media Art format with a surreal touch

Exhibition: [maybe physical for 3-day in London] in VR Mozilla Hubs in March 2022

Deadline to apply: Sunday 30 January at 12:00 (noon) GMT.

Selection Panel

Announced soon

We’re Agora Digital Art, a London-based volunteer-run certified social enterprise that advocates and promotes the work of womxn and non-binary creatives working in Digital Art and New Media. 


  • Who can apply? Self-identified women and non-binary digital artists
  • What discipline? The jury is looking forward to receiving submissions from a broad variety of fields and disciplines related to New Media Art.
  • What kind of artwork?  Anything digital that can fit in Mozilla Hubs (check specs below). Plus, a touch of surrealism.
  • What will the artist gain from this show? Be part of the VR exhibition in Mozilla Hubs and the e-catalogue, an artist profile written by our copywriters, opportunity to sell your NFT, invite to join for an Agora Talk, lot of social media promotion.
  • When is the deadline to submit your work? Deadline is Sunday 30 January at 12:00 (noon) GMT.


  • Nov 2021 – 30 Jan 2022: Agora open for submissions
  • week of 31 Jan 2022: Jury selection. Due to the high volume, only the selected artists will be contacted.
  • 1 – 28 Feb 2022: collaboration artists and Agora. Setting up the VR exhibition in Mozilla Hubs and possibly a physical venue
  • 1 March 2022: Opening of the VR Show in Mozilla Hubs and physical venue

Tech specs for Mozilla Hubs

  1. 3D models glb (if don’t know how to make a GLB with blender, an FBX is fine)  – max 10,000 faces = 10k poly (x5 would be already 50k)
  2. 3D models texture:  Base Colour, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic, Emissive texture maps.  Use a maximum of 2048×2048 pixel dimensions for each texture map
  3. Images in JPG or PN: max 2 Mb
  4. GIF: 5 Mb max
  5. max: 1  Video in mp4, duration min. 7 min., from Vimeo (Vimeo link or Youtube)


  • open to all self-identified women and non-binary digital artists.
  • entirely free to submit.
  • no remuneration or fees will be paid by Agora to the artists participating in the group show. However, links to the artist’s online shop or NFT can be placed.
  • participation involves collaborating with Agora Digital Art, respecting time constraints and technical specs as mentioned above.
  • In Feb 2022, if you don’t hear from us, please consider applying to our next call.

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