Open Call for Digital Artists

Concept: The Sublime

What is the sublime? Traditionally, it was understood via the concepts of grandeur, power, fear, transcendence, awe and stupefaction – but today, one might argue, it is best characterised by a feeling of disembodiment, displacement and chronic anxiety. As we enter ever more uncertain times – both existentially and technologically – the sublime casts a shadow on our future, making us both wonder in anticipation and worry in trepidation. As the two big powers of technology and nature merge, what scary frontiers lie ahead of us? What fascinations await? 

In the ever flat expanses mediated by digital worlds, we feel at once fearful and in awe, ourselves but also another. As we collectively watch our identity slip through the cracks in our keyboard, we begin to feel the thrill of becoming something new but also the utter fear of becoming something we don’t know. In this dichotomy lies the contemporary and future sublime, and in this amorphous lapse in space, between now and then, us and them, here and there – we open our call to artists from all digital spheres to excite us all with their rendition of “The Sublime”.

Selection Panel

Deen Atger, Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art
Gabriella Gasparini, Copywriter at Agora Digital Art
YoungMi Lamine, Founder of Agora Digital Art
Francesca Miller, Copywriter at Agora Digital Art
Sarah Roberts, Copywriter and Biographer at Agora Digital Art

Who are we?

We’re Agora Digital Art, a London-based volunteer-run certified social enterprise that advocates and promotes the work of womxn and non-binary creatives working in Digital Art and New Media. Our team is comprised of Deen (they/them), a trans non-binary curator and producer; Gabriella (she/her), a postgraduate philosopher and creative writer; Francesca (she/her) a writer and art historian; Sarah (she/her), a visual studies postgraduate and art historian; and MiMi (she/they), founder of Agora Digital Art and marketing event professional.


  • Who can apply? Self-identified women and non-binary digital artists
  • What discipline? The jury is looking forward to receiving submissions from a broad variety of fields and disciplines related to New Media Art.
  • What kind of artwork?  Anything digital that can fit in Mozilla Hubs (check specs below). Plus, at least 7 min. video footage either on Vimeo or Youtube. The artwork and the video should be both related to the theme: The Sublime.
  • What will the artist gain from this show? Be part of the VR exhibition in Mozilla Hubs and the e-catalogue, an artist profile written by our copywriters, opportunity to sell your NFT, invite to join for an Agora Talk, lot of social media promotion.
  • When is the deadline to submit your work? Deadline is Sunday 5 September at 12:00 (noon) BST.


  • Today – 5 Sep: Agora open for submissions
  • week of 6 Sep: Jury selection. Due to the high volume, only the ten selected artists will be contacted.
  • 15 Sep – 25 Oct: collaboration artists and Agora. Setting up the VR exhibition in Mozilla Hubs.
  • [26 – 29 Oct: build up a short IRL physical exhibition in London
  • 29-31 Oct – TBC: Possibly organise a 3-day physical exhibition, pre-launch in London, UK.]
  • 1 Nov: Opening of the VR Show in Mozilla Hubs
thewrong biennale - call for artists pavilion for Agora Digital Art

Agora may participate in thewrong biennale n5

Agora will submit a Pavilion’s proposal. Here is an outlook of thewrong timeline.

  • 10 Jul: Agora will submit our concept proposal to thewrong.
  • 1 Aug: response from thewrong
  • 15 Sept: finalise info to thewrong (title, name of curator, domain link, location, full list of artists and tv playlist)
  • 16 Sept – 15 Oct: confirmation of all details
  • 1 Nov 21 to 1 Mar 22: opening of Agora’s pavilion

Tech specs for Mozilla Hubs

  1. 3D models glb (if don’t know how to make a GLB with blender, an FBX is fine)  – max 10,000 faces = 10k poly (x5 would be already 50k)
  2. 3D models texture:  Base Colour, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic, Emissive texture maps.  Use a maximum of 2048×2048 pixel dimensions for each texture map
  3. Images in JPG or PN: max 2 Mb
  4. GIF: 5 Mb max
  5. max: 1  Video in mp4, duration min. 7 min., from Vimeo (Vimeo link or Youtube)


  • open to all self-identified women and non-binary digital artists.
  • entirely free to submit.
  • no remuneration or fees will be paid by Agora to the artists participating in the group show. However, links to the artist’s online shop or NFT can be placed.
  • participation involves collaborating with Agora Digital Art, respecting time constraints and technical specs as mentioned above.
  • jury decision on Monday 6 September for the ten to 50 selected artists. If you don’t hear from us, please consider applying to our next call.

Maybe of interest

20.08.26 Agora Talk 4 - Snow Yunxue Fu and Wade Wallerstein for Agora Digital Art
What is Digital Sublime - Gabriella Gasparini for Agora Digital Art


Gisele Angeles, Liquify series in collaboration with @carolinasarrianyc (2021) © Courtesy of the artists.

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