VR Exhibitions

Agora Digital Art compiles the best VR exhibitions created by self-identified women using VR technology.

It’s an ongoing group show and open to submissions.

All works to be submitted must be internet friendly and belong to any new media art category: video, image, sound, animation, immersion, augmented reality, virtual reality, software-related, systems-related, or any mix.

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Natasha Caruana

Natasha Caruana, Timely Tale (2017) © Courtesy of the artist.

Alice Cooper

Artist Alice Cooper | Song Halo of Flies

©Salvador Dali Museum, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL. Worldwide rights ©Salvador Dali, Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dali. Created for The Dali by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, CA.

Elif Eda, The Thing Between Us (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.
21.05.01 Liminal - Mozilla Hubs - VR Exhibition - Agora Digital Art
Snow Yunxue Fu, Liminal Momentum (2021) in Mozilla Hubs © Courtesy of the artist.
Carla Gannis VR Exhibition: wwwunderkammer (2020) social VR Hubs Mozilla - Agora Digital Art
Carla Gannis and C.A.R.L.A G.A.N, wwwunderkamer (2020) ©Carla Gannis Courtesy of the artist.


In exclusivity for Agora Digital Art, Gate 22 unveiled their first VR exhibition.

Here is Introspexion I: The Déjà-vu Factory (2020) by Argentinian artist Bart Luevano Saavedra, who invites you to his kinetic installation © Courtesy of the artists.

Gate22 Introspexion: featuring three artists (2020) © Courtesy of Gate22 and the artists.

Darcy Gerbarg

Claudia Hart

As a pioneer in 3D and VR, it makes complete sense that Hart is one of the first women artists to experiment Hubs Mozilla, the social VR.

Discover Chamber of Dreams (2020) either from your computer or with your headset, those three exhibitions in VR.

An Imaginary Ruins (2020)

Claudia Hart An Imaginary Ruin (2020) Gazelli Art House

GDL model, jpegs as UV animation, mp4 movie, mounted on Mozilla Hubs


A Doll’s House (2020)

Claudia Hart A Doll's House (2020)

GDL model, jpegs as UV animation, mp4 movie, mounted on Mozilla Hubs


The Ruins (2020)

Claudia Hart "The Ruins" (2020) bitforms Gallery

GDL model, jpegs as UV animation, mp4 movie, mounted on Mozilla Hubs


Marjan Moghaddam

Pioneer Digital Artist using AR and 3dCG to hack the art world.

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Marjan Moghaddam, Non Binary Nude Glitch  (2017) © Courtesy of the artist.

Tamiko Thiel

“Sponge Space,” was developed by Cyan Planet for the xR HUB Bavaria. It is a multi-purpose virtual space that can be used for conferences and networking, work sessions or group meetings. For the Medientage München 2020, they invited me to stage an intervention: the “Sponge Space Trash Takeover.”

Outside of the sponge, visitors see Cyan Planet’s peaceful 360 video of fish feeding at a reef, and the massive pink sponge that is the conference space. Inside, however, visitors are confronted with the growing plastic pollution of our oceans that here fills up the sponge. Water bottles, plastic cutlery etc. have always been a prominent part of ocean plastic waste, but now the coronavirus pandemic has seen the sudden appearance of disposable masks and gloves polluting the waters as well.

Sponges actually do filter microplastics out of seawater, and a study says they seem to be resilient to damage from the waste. But organisms all the way up the food chain to human beings are ingesting more and more plastics, that have now permeated all the waters of the world from the sea bottom of the deepest trenches to the uninhabited reaches of the North and South Poles.

Tamiko Thiel, Sponge Space Trash Takeover (2020) virtual reality art installation ongoing on Mozilla Hubs for xR Hubs Bavaria/Cyan Planet © Courtesy of the artist.

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