Alexandra Butuceanu, Video Editor

I am originally from Romania but I moved 2 and a half years ago in London (now currently living in Sevenoaks, Kent). I moved to this country in order to pursue a Film career because opportunities for growth and experience are better here in comparison to my native country.

I have been an Image Editor (stills) for almost 5 years and by the end of last year, I started learning more about Film and Video Editing. In order to do so, I enrolled in MetFilm School in London where I study Film Post-Production. I am passionate about Photography and Film, mostly VFX, Motion Graphics and Colouring, hoping one day I will have the opportunity to work on a Feature Film. Meanwhile, I am an intensive learner and I occupy my time by putting my own personal ideas into form, whether it is Photography or Film. 

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What is your background?

I don’t know if I have a personal style, but every time I am creating something I have the main story/idea in the back of it. The way I express it, it can vary to a multitude of styles according to how I feel about it. It is mostly an unconscious process and I would like to keep it this way.

My main interests are more towards Fine Arts, dark/gloomy subjects, creating mood and atmosphere, storyline, digital art, indie games and nature.

A few years ago, I started a Photography Project, called Dust, which I hope it will grow into something more syncretic by creating short-form video content and learning more about new methods to tell a story.

What Interest You in Digital Art/ New Media Art?

I am interested to learn more about Virtual Reality, future technologies, CGI, 3D and new ways to express yourself creatively. Art is in continuous change and it always finds new methods to “say” a story or simply illustrate the contemporary world we are living in. I want to be able to do the same even though my adoration towards analogue and traditional art will remain the same. I don’t think I can attribute a label for what New Media Art is, because its possibilities are endless. Though I think we lost a bit touch with nature and with us, as humans in general. I would like to see that reconnection manifested in a way on a Digital Platform. Whether it is through a communication or just forms of art. I think I’m one of the optimists. 

Alexandra Butuceanu - Volunteer Video Editor at Agora Digital Art

Why Did You Choose to Volunteer at Agora Digital Art?

I think it is a good opportunity to learn and grow my experience as a Video Editor while promoting a good cause. Also, I get the opportunity to meet people with the same passions and interests as mine. I believe in its mission and being passionate about Digital Art as well, I think I can contribute to reaching its purpose. Plus I want to work with people who believe in something more than what’s already presented on the table. That’s rare.

What Would You Like to Gain with Your Volunteer Experience?

I would like to practice my already learned skills, also learn some other ones and contribute with creative ideas and projects. I think it is a good opportunity to put your creativity into use for something greater than just material benefits. Every individual is respected for what they are and for their contribution. They are no winners or losers. It’s just a fair community.

Alexandra Butuceanu - Volunteer Video Editor at Agora Digital Art

Where Do You See Agora Digital Art Going in the Future?

With the growth of Digital Art in the last years, I see Agora a promoter of this domain while also supporting social causes. It will hopefully have a bigger reach to audiences to increase its impact and by doing so, to support women in the New Media Art. And who knows- maybe bringing some hope worldwide? I think we need that, everywhere. When I think of New Media- I think of something different, something better.

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