Amiel Maucade, Digital Curator

Amiel Maucade, Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Amiel is a curator in contemporary and digital art, researching gender identity. Their approach is ideological, ultimately researching queer representation through culture. After graduating from La Sorbonne in Philosophy, Literature and History of Arts, they are pursuing a masters at Central Saint Martins in Culture, Criticism and Curation.

Amiel focuses on a broad approach to curating, from working with UNESCO to curating contemporary ceramics exhibitions in France.

They believe digital creation is politically charged, especially during these pivotal times where this art form established its significance, defining our encounter with a new dominating medium.

Amiel Maucade’ s Portfolio for Agora

  • 21.03.10 Queer as Art Podcast by Amiel Maucade with Sammie Veeler for Agora Digital Art

Queer As Art #1: Trans-Magic Identity Crisis – Sammie Veeler

13 March 2021|Comments Off on Queer As Art #1: Trans-Magic Identity Crisis – Sammie Veeler

Sammie Veeler's work really embodies trans-magic, a constant queer discussion between her craft and herself. A soulful self-discovery encompassing multiple mediums.  Amiel Maucade  |  Ed YoungMi Lamine  | 10 March 2021 [...]

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