Elizabeth Richardson, Digital Curator

Elizabeth Richardson - volunteer Digital Curator at Agora Digital Art

Elizabeth is a recent MA Art History and Museum Curating graduate from the University of Sussex, where she also received a degree in BA English and Art History in 2019. Her research centres on the politics of archival absences and memory. She is also interested in sustainable and inclusive curatorial practice.

During her time as a student at the University of Sussex Elizabeth developed a passion for arts journalism, and she undertook a number of writings and editorial roles at student-led publications. She is now an arts writer and is open to new projects and collaborations. Elizabeth is dedicated to creating meaningful and accessible conversations about contemporary art, and is excited to share these conversations further as a member of the Agora curatorial team.

Elizabeth Richardson’ s Portfolio for Agora

Talk Moderator

Woman in Digital Art: Iranian-American Artist Marjan Mogghaddam explores feminism with CGI and AR/VR animations

Artists Residencies

21.09.08 Digital Resident: Gabriela Reyes for Agora Digital Art
21.03.03 Agora Talk 18 Samm Anga Veronica Petukhov - Capsule.io for Agora Digital Art

Artists Profiles and Stories

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