Elspeth Walker, Copywriter

Elspeth Walker is a freelance art and culture writer, whose work focuses on the impact art has on society and expanding questions formed in these works or practises.

With a strong focus on opening up the art world, she is committed to creating work that helps to increase accessibility in the sector.

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Elspeth Walker - Volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

What is your background?

I have a background in writing and visual arts, both practically and theoretically. Having studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Warwick, I also had the chance to study for a year in Italy, where I followed my artistic and literary studies. Since university, I have been writing freelance and working at the Hayward Gallery. I have also kept up my studies, taking a short course on Art, Ethics and Social Change at UAL. Earlier this year I formed Compression Collective & Magazine, an online publication and group that seeks to open up the art world. Looking to spark discussions, increase accessibility and support emerging artists, this collective has allowed me to strive to begin to enact the change I want to see in the arts. In my own time, I love to travel, read and write fiction.

What Interest You in Digital Art/ New Media Art?

That it’s something familiar but completely new! I’m really interested to see where the digital art world is headed, and how artists are incorporating new media into their art practise. In a world that relies so heavily on digital platforms, I find it really intriguing to see how artists are manipulating this platform to make us question our sense of reality, and the societies we live in today. I also like the humour and freedom found in the digital arts, being a new form of art, it is not so constricted by the barriers other forms of art are confined to.

Elspeth Walker - Volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Why Did You Choose to Volunteer at Agora Digital Art?

I wanted to Volunteer at Agora because it was obvious that it was a team and organisation that were genuinely dedicated to opening up the digital arts. To be able to be part of such a great team, increase my knowledge of art and develop my writing really appealed to me, and I’m excited to see where it goes. 

What Would You Like to Gain with Your Volunteer Experience?

To learn more about digital art and new media art, and also the people involved in this section of the art world. To develop my writing skills further, and be able to promote work by artists that, due to working in such new mediums, often don’t get the recognition they deserve. Mostly, to be part of a team that is dedicated to opening up the arts and learn as much as I can to help contribute to this.

Elspeth Walker - Volunteer Copywriter at Agora Digital Art

Where Do You See Agora Digital Art Going in the Future?

I see it being a well-used and popular platform. A recourse to learn more about digital/new media art, and a place for artists to meet for discussions. I see Agora becoming a place for exchange, where people can come to learn about digital art or a hub where many share their art and ideas. I also see it as an organisation that will pave the way in how artists will collaborate, interact, and socialise, through unique forums and articles. 

Elspeth Walker’ s Portfolio for Agora

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