Emma McGarry

Emma McGarry is a writer, curator and graduate of BA (Hons) Photography with International Enhancement from Coventry University, now based in Manchester, UK. She has international experience as a practising artist, co-director, writer, photographer, and most recently as Lead Curator and Virtual Exhibition Designer for Between Spaces (Coventry University Photography Degree Show 2020). Not only did this experience spark her inspiration and curiosity into the potential of online and digital showcases, but it encouraged her to interrogate the importance of her own role as a female-identifying practitioner within digital arts.

Emma’s visual work often explores intangible and complex themes including experience and perspective through the photographic medium. In doing so, she engages with the cathartic and meditative attributes of digital photography, exploring and translating her experience of the quotidian into poetic and illuminating pieces of visual art. Her written practice often intends to expand on and share her own education of art in tandem with gender, sexuality, race and representation.

She believes that by utilising the boundlessness of the online sphere through an intersectional feminist lens, content creators such as those at Agora are able to provide essential and representative insights into the contemporary world of new media art and its female-identifying pioneers.

Emma McGarry’ s Portfolio for Agora

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