Jessica J. Riley, Digital Curator

Jessica is an MPhil candidate at the University of Cambridge in Heritage Studies with an undergraduate degree in Art History and English Literature from the University of St Andrews. Her Master’s thesis centres on the use of digital technologies and three-dimensional replicas in museum collections to create new forms of engagement and accessibility, tying in with her interest in the continually expanding world of digital art.

Further to her studies, she has worked as a collections assistant in the University of Stirling’s Art Collection and the Stirling Smith Gallery and Museum, and as a researcher for the Ben Uri Gallery and Museum. Through both her studies and experience in the museum and gallery sector, she has developed a keen interest in the future of curatorial practice and the shifting role of the curator from expert to a mediator of stories, relationships, and communities. In her role with Agora Art, she aims to develop her own understanding of the potentiality of digital work and express the possibilities of digital technologies to transform engagement and access to the art world.

Jessica J. Riley’ s Portfolio for Agora

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