Juliet Rennie, Editor

Juliet Rennie - volunteer Chief Editor at Agora Digital Art

Based in London, Juliet works for a professional membership organisation. Her experience includes communications, marketing, editing, events, project management and research. Whilst in her current role, Juliet completed a diploma in architectural lighting design in 2019.

Within her current position, Juliet produces content related to architectural lighting design, light and art, manufacturing, research, technological developments, and inclusivity and diversity within the engineering and lighting industries. She particularly enjoys the work that she does around the effects of light on human beings, from understanding how it can impact our sleep/wake cycle to our mood and general well-being.

With a degree in English Literature, Juliet likes to read and write in her spare time. She is also interested in art, with a focus on light art installations more recently, including the work of Anthony McCall, Es Devlin, United Visual Artists and teamLab.

Juliet has written for a number of websites and publications but, is keen to gain more experience in researching, writing, and editing content. In looking for opportunities to volunteer, Agora really stood out. Juliet is keen to embrace the opportunity to contribute to a platform which promotes women and their role in understanding and interpreting the world.

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