Juliet Rennie, Editor

Based in London, Juliet works for a professional membership organisation. Her experience includes communications, marketing, editing, events, project management and research. Whilst in her current role, Juliet completed a diploma in architectural lighting design in 2019.

Within her current position, Juliet produces content related to architectural lighting design, light and art, manufacturing, research, technological developments, and inclusivity and diversity within the engineering and lighting industries. She particularly enjoys the work that she does around the effects of light on human beings, from understanding how it can impact our sleep/wake cycle to our mood and general well-being.

With a degree in English Literature, Juliet likes to read and write in her spare time. She is also interested in art, with a focus on light art installations more recently, including the work of Anthony McCall, Es Devlin, United Visual Artists and teamLab.

Juliet has written for a number of websites and publications but, is keen to gain more experience in researching, writing, and editing content. In looking for opportunities to volunteer, Agora really stood out. Juliet is keen to embrace the opportunity to contribute to a platform which promotes women and their role in understanding and interpreting the world.

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Juliet Rennie' s Portfolio for Agora

21.05 Artist Residency - MissUniverseGAN - Fabiola Larios for Agora Digital Art
  • Aaron Koblin Flight Patterns 2008 - Agora Digital Art

What is Data Art?

Step into the mesmerizing world of Data Art, where data transforms into breathtaking creations that evoke emotions and unravel [...]

  • Pioneers Podcast - Priska Pasquer

Pioneers 3: Priska Pasquer

In this episode, we invited the German gallerist Priska Pasquer who re-invents herself precursor in VR / AR and [...]

  • Discover this cute Belgian illustrator: João LouLou in this artist's profile - Agora Digital Art

Lou-Lou João

Lou Lou João Digital artist Lou Lou João creates a super-cute avatar in a [...]

  • Woman in Digital Art - Digital Artist Residency: Marcella França "The Face of The Rain" - Agora Digital Art

The Face of The Rain – Marcella França

Marcella França’s artistic practice utilises a multidisciplinary approach to create powerfully evocative and immersive experiential art that speaks to [...]

  • Women in Digital Art - podcast Recentering 2: Vanessa Murrell from DATEAGLE ART - Agora Digital Art

Recentering 2: DATEAGLE ART

In the second episode of Recentering, Beth speaks to the co-founder of DATEAGLE ART, Vanessa Murrell, about the ways [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist - artist profile: Anna Ridler - Agora Digital Art

Anna Ridler

Anna Ridler Anna Ridler is a digital artist and researcher from London.  She researches [...]

  • Women in Digital Art - Artists portrait: Keiken - Agora Digital Art


Keiken Meet Keiken, the New Media artist collective based in London and Berlin bringing [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Dalena Tran - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art

Dalena Tran

Dalena Tran Dalena Tran elucidates the vastness and overwhelming nature of the digital era in [...]

  • Womxn in Digital Art - Artist's Profile: Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley - Agora Digital Art

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley uses Digital Art to reimagine the archive as an interactive experience. [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Rebekah Boshan Guo - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art

Rebekah Boshan Guo

Rebekah Boshan Guo Fashion Designer and Textile Artist Rebekah Boshan Guo merges material development, print [...]

  • Podcast RECENTERING 1 by Bethan Carrick - Agora Digital Art

Recentering 1: York Mediale

In this first episode of Recentering series, we chat with Creative Producer, Kate Farrell and Assistant Producer, Willow Bowen, [...]

  • Hosted by Bethan Carrick RECENTERING is the new podcast series at Agora Digital Art

Recentering by Bethan Carrick

This is Recentering, a podcast series hosted by Bethan Carrick. This podcast explores New Media Art, our environmental sustainability [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist - Digital Residency: Leah Roh "X-Pop" - Digital residency at Agora Digital Art
  • Woman Digital Artist - Digital Residency: Leah Roh "X-Pop" - Digital residency at Agora Digital Art

X-pop – Leah Roh

Resident: Leah Roh Leah Roh, Xpop (2022) © Courtesy of the artist. [...]

  • Womxn Digital Artist: Sandra Araùjo aka S4RA - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art

Sandra Araùjo aka S4RA

Sandra Araùjo aka S4RA If you're interested in exploring how computation shapes our world, have [...]

  • Woman in Digital Art: Bolim Jeon - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art

Bolim Jeon

Bolim Jeon Digital artist Bolim Jeon approaches social rituals from curious new angles, asking if [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Sandrine Deumier - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art

Sandrine Deumier

Sandrine Deumier Could the digital imaginary amplify our humanist unconscious? Sandrine Deumier’s work investigates post-futurist [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Maria Judova - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art

Mária Júdová

Mária Júdová From the dance of shamans to the dance of light with sound: Mária [...]

  • Podcast Gabriela Reyes - m o r e - Digital Artist Residency for Agora Digital Art

m o r e – Gabriela Reyes

How would you depict a specific feeling or emotion? Gabriela Reyes uses visual programming to interpret romantic and erotic [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Wes Viz - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art

Wes Viz

Wes Viz Multi-disciplinary XR artist Wes Viz’s art engages in a critical commentary on our [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Valentina Ferrandes - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art

Valentina Ferrandes

Valentina Ferrandes New media artist Valentina Ferrandes combines forensic research and a technology-driven approach to [...]

  • Agora Podcast #3 Irem Çoban - Agora Digital Art

Women in Proverbs – Irem Çoban

Wherever you are from and whichever language you speak, just think of a proverb that objectifies or disparages women. [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Linda Loh - The Sublime - Agora Digital Art

Linda Loh

Linda Loh Digital artist Linda Loh’s works offer otherworldly landscapes of unfamiliar geometry and vibrant [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Sarah Meyohas - artist profile for Agora Digital Art

Sarah Meyohas

Sarah Meyohas Discover in this portrait, how Sarah Meyohas transforms everything into digital art. [...]

Sian Fan

Sian Fan Unwind and meditate in cyberspace. New Media artist Sian Fan explores virtual embodiment, [...]

  • Women in Digital Art - Artist's Profile: Cao Fei - Agora Digital Art

Cao Fei

Cao Fei Digital artist Cao Fei reflects on the impact of the rapid and chaotic [...]

  • what is immersive art - Agora Digital Art

What is Immersive Art?

The immersive art trend uses New Media to create a total-body experience. Is this a gimmick for the Instagram [...]

  • Gabriela Reyes Cero Tres - Green NFT Agora Digital Art

How to create clean NFTs?

The world was disrupted by the non-fungible tokens, but those digital certificates present some difficulties. NFTs are difficult to [...]

  • Gabriela Reyes: HOW TO MINT ON "Hic et Nunc" - Agora Digital Art

Green NFTs with Hic Et Nunc

Could Hic Et Nunc set an example for the future of NFTs? Jessica Lolonga Satchi |  Ed. Peter [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist - Lethabo Huma for Agora Digital Art

Lethabo Huma

Lethabo Huma Painting on a Digital canvas, Lethabo Huma’s virtual brushstrokes create expressive, personal New [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist Léa Porré - portrait for Agora Digital Art

Léa Porré

Léa Porré The digital artist Léa Porré builds alternative worlds that transcend historical boundaries, detached [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Tabita Rezaire - Agora Digital Art

Tabita Rezaire

Tabita Rezaire Prolific digital art activist Tabitha Rezaire uses kaleidoscopic new media documentaries to reclaim [...]

  • Woman in Digital Art: Wednesday Kim for Agora Digital Ar

Wednesday Kim

Wednesday Kim Through sharing her perception of trauma, human psychology and identity, Wednesday Kim creates [...]

  • Palestinian artist: Larissa Sansour - Space Flag for Agora Digital Art

Palestinian voices in the arts

How do Palestinians express their identity and explore connections to their homeland through art? Deen Atger  |  Ed [...]

  • Women Digital Artist: AIDA Robot for Agora Digital Art

AIDA Robot

AIDA Robot Is there a perfect algorithm for creating Digital Art? Artificial intelligence bot Ai-Da [...]


Marjan Moghaddam

Marjan Moghaddam Digital art innovator Marjan Moghaddam uses a unique style of 3d CG figuration [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist Auriea Harvey for Agora Digital Art

Auriea Harvey

Auriea Harvey Auriea Harvey masterfully blends the physical and the digital in her innovative New [...]

  • Women Digital Artist: ASHLEY ZELINSKIE for Agora Digital Art

Ashley Zelinskie

Ashley Zelinskie Can digital art be the language that bridges understanding of science, computers and [...]


Lu Yang

Lu Yang Lu Yang is a multimedia artist driven by the desire to explore her [...]

  • digital avatar article by Chloe Kong for Agora Digital Art

What Is a Fashion Avatar?

During the pandemic, the fashion world shifted to new media, with digital fashion shows replacing in-person events. For example, [...]


Penny Slinger

Penny Slinger With over half a century’s worth of work exploring the feminine to distinguish [...]

  • Woman in Digital Art: Emma Shapiro, Artist in Residency Lab for Agora Digital Art
  • Woman Digital Artist: Emma Shapiro - Cuerpas VR Exhibition curated by Agora Digital Art - Artist Residency

Cuerpas – Emma Shapiro

Resident: Emma Shapiro Emma Shapiro, Cut Outs, Projection Interaction  (2021) [...]


Tamiko Thiel

Tamiko Thiel Tamiko Thiel uses deep fakes, fingerprints and phones to bridge the connection between [...]


Carla Gannis

Carla Gannis When will digital art be considered a part of the art historical canon? [...]

  • Crypto, What is it Good For? Agora Digital Art

Crypto, What Is It Good For?

An overview of cryptocurrency use case by Global Future Council on Cryptocurrencies Global Future Council on Cryptocurrencies |  [...]

  • What is generative art? makio135 thumbnail for Agora Digital Art

What Is Generative Art?

This week at Agora, we’re diving into Generative Art. If you’re into computer coding, digital art, a fan of [...]

What Is a Deepfake?

AI-generated fake photographs, videos and voice cloning are improving at a rapid pace, and are perhaps becoming too convincing. [...]

  • Bolatito Aderemi-Ibitola for Agora Digital Art

Who is Bolatito Aderemi-Ibitola?

By reclaiming narratives and generating space for collaboration, what can the world of Digital Art learn from Bolatito Aderemi-Ibitola? [...]


Rachel Rossin

Rachel Rossin Is technology nothing more than an extension of our body? Digital artist Rachel [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Claudia Hart - Agora Digital Art

Claudia Hart

Claudia Hart A bridge between the virtual space and the reality, Claudia Hart’s works [...]


Faith Holland

Faith Holland Faith Holland displays a bold artistic vision, where human sexuality meets digital technology [...]


Gretchen Andrew

Gretchen Andrew Can a woman artist subvert the machines? Well, let’s debug how Gretchen Andrew [...]

  • Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg ©, still frame from The Wilding Of Mars, (2019) for Agora Digital Art

What is the Digital Sublime?

What upsets our sense of harmony, self-preservation and spatiotemporality but, at the same time, fascinates us with a chaotic [...]

  • 20.11.25 Agora Talk: Gate 22 Concept Museum in Virtual Reality

What’s the Future of the Museum?

Virtual Reality is one of the technologies with the highest projected potential for growth. Whereas everyone speculates about the [...]


Sabrina Ratté

Sabrina Ratté Digital art goddess Sabrina Ratté deconstructs her own physique, using 3D scans of [...]

  • 20.10.28 Agora Talk: Or Williams - The Wedding March (2020) for Agora Digital Art

Seeking Perfection in Imperfection

The mark of what determines ‘perfection’ is one that is constantly changing, particularly regarding the female body. Isabella [...]


Snow Yuxue Fu

Snow Yuxue Fu Delve into the liminal and explore the “techno-sublime” of digital art. [...]

  • 20.10.14 Agora Talk: Rayan Elnayal Afrabia for Agora Digital Art

Magic Realism and Afrabia

"Sudan is not really a country at all, but many. A composite of layers, like a genetic fingerprint of [...]

  • Agora Talk - Ellie Niblock and Alaa Tarabzouni - With Love Nowhere Pyrrha

Digital Art across Borders

With all of us staying at home more to limit the spread of Covid-19, many have settled into a [...]

  • Who's Lil Miquela?

Who is Miquela Sousa?

The 19-year-old is a singer, a model and an Influencer who is worth $6m.  What is the Miquela's phenomenon? [...]

  • Quarantine Chat

Quarantine Chat!

Talk on the phone with someone else stuck at home. YoungMi Lamine  |  12 March 2020 [...]

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