Madi Apthorpe, Copywriter

I graduated with a Bachelors of Social Anthropology from the University of Manchester in July 2020. The areas of study that interested me most during my undergraduate degree were; the materiality of objects; the ways in which we understand the world; humanitarianism; and British nationality. Since graduating, finding paid work has been a struggle and I am taking what I can to get by. On the side of my Test&Trace call centre role, I spend my time writing blog posts, creative writing pieces and researching articles as a freelancer for various publications.

From my studies to the freelance work I’ve undertaken, I’ve found that there has and continues to be a large under-representation of women the art and technology world. This is why I have found Agora’s work, which sits at the intersection, to be so interesting and vital. With an increasingly digital world, it is important that history is challenged and there is representation of all voices, in all mediums. By volunteering with Agora I hope to learn more about the world of Digital Art, its pioneers and the new and exciting projects brilliant female artists are working on.

Madi Apthorpe' s Portfolio for Agora

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