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Madison is a museum professional with a passion for creating engaging digital and physical exhibitions. She is pursuing her MSc in Museum Studies at the University of Glasgow. Her academic research focuses on the relationship between audiovisual art and identity formation. In 2017, Madison earned a BA in Film Studies and Sociology from the University of Vermont. She worked for various arts and cultural organizations in the USA before relocating to the UK in 2021. These experiences have informed her interdisciplinary and innovative approach to curating new media. Access and inclusion are of utmost importance to Madison and her work. She strives to develop welcoming spaces wherein digital art and diverse perspectives are shared with the global community.

Madison Marone’ s Portfolio for Agora

  • Pioneers Podcast - Priska Pasquer

Pioneers 3: Priska Pasquer

2 January 2023|0 Comments

In this episode, we invited the German gallerist Priska Pasquer who re-invents herself precursor in VR / AR and NFTs. MiMi  |  Ed MiMi  | recorded on 28 Dec 2022 [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist: Gertruda Gilyte - Neuroplasticity - Digital Residency at Agora Digital Art

Neuroplasticity or I Love You Gertrūda – Gertrūda Gilytė

5 August 2022|0 Comments

The project is the continuation of Gilyté’s theoretical research (personal development as a performative practice) and her previous Instagram-based durational work, using various mainstream positive psychology tools in order to improve my personal and [...]

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Lou-Lou João

26 July 2022|0 Comments

Lou Lou João Digital artist Lou Lou João creates a super-cute avatar in a hyper-femme world to uncover the darker sides of identity and sexuality. Sarah L. [...]

  • SMACK - The Garden of Eatherly Delights - Coleccion-Solo - Agora Digital Art

Digital era for The Garden of Earthly Delights

20 July 2022|0 Comments

How Bosch's masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights is reinterpreted, reborn and still relevant today. We've picked two digital artists: Carla Gannis and SMACK to compare and contrast their different approaches, techniques and styles [...]

  • Tangerine movie - Agora Digital Art

New Media and Film: How Digital Changed Cinema

14 June 2022|0 Comments

This year marks twenty years since the release of George Lucas’ Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the first blockbuster, the first mainstream film to be fully shot and released on digital film [...]

  • Digital artist Ilithya thumbnail - Agora Digital Art

Join our 90s redux with digital artist, Ilithya

3 June 2022|0 Comments

With rippling patterns and colours torn from the screens of MTV, Ilithya’s works are a paradise for 90s babies. Agora sat down with Ilithya via Zoom to talk about her many artistic personalities, probe [...]

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