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Madison is a museum professional with a passion for creating engaging digital and physical exhibitions. She is pursuing her MSc in Museum Studies at the University of Glasgow. Her academic research focuses on the relationship between audiovisual art and identity formation. In 2017, Madison earned a BA in Film Studies and Sociology from the University of Vermont. She worked for various arts and cultural organizations in the USA before relocating to the UK in 2021. These experiences have informed her interdisciplinary and innovative approach to curating new media. Access and inclusion are of utmost importance to Madison and her work. She strives to develop welcoming spaces wherein digital art and diverse perspectives are shared with the global community.

Madison Marone’ s Portfolio for Agora

  • Women in Digital Art: The Sublime 3.0: Awe and Fear - Cyber Sublime category by Agora Digital Art

The Cyber Sublime, Between Myth and Reality

15 April 2022|Comments Off on The Cyber Sublime, Between Myth and Reality

The Sublime 3.0: Fear & Awe is featured in The Wrong Biennale, pavilion 37, where we showcase how New Media artists are shaping and pushing the boundaries of the contemporary sublime. Divided into four categories: the [...]

  • Women in Digital Art - podcast Recentering 2: Vanessa Murrell from DATEAGLE ART - Agora Digital Art

Recentering 2: DATEAGLE ART

13 March 2022|0 Comments

In the second episode of Recentering, Beth speaks to the co-founder of DATEAGLE ART, Vanessa Murrell, about the ways the curatorial platform seeks to champion environmental and socially sustainable practice.  Bethan Carrick  |  [...]

  • Woman Digital Artist - artist profile: Anna Ridler - Agora Digital Art

Anna Ridler

8 March 2022|0 Comments

Anna Ridler Anna Ridler is a digital artist and researcher from London.  She researches datasets, AI technologies and systems of knowledge to create art.  You are probably familiar with [...]

  • Woman in Digital Art - Digital Artist Residency: Marcella França "The Face of The Rain" - Agora Digital Art
  • Woman in Digital Art - Digital Artist Residency: Marcella França "The Face of The Rain" - Agora Digital Art

The Face Of The Rain – Marcella França

1 March 2022|Comments Off on The Face Of The Rain – Marcella França

Resident: Marcella França Marcella França, The Face of The Rain (2020) © Courtesy of the artist. [...]

  • Women in Digital Art - Artists portrait: Keiken - Agora Digital Art


24 February 2022|0 Comments

Keiken Meet Keiken, the New Media artist collective based in London and Berlin bringing you new worlds with new values. The interdisciplinary, fem-led collective uses collaboration, Instagram filters, gaming, [...]

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