Peter Traynor, Copywriter and Reviewer

Peter Traynor volunteer copywriter, reviewer at Agora Digital Art

Peter is having fun. A social scientist for nearly twenty years, and in the midst of a global pandemic, he is allowing himself some time to learn, grow, explore and connect. A storyteller at heart, he is passionate about creating and telling stories and helping others to tell their stories.

He connected with Agora in the spirit of adventure and was drawn in by the ambition and values of its founder and her team. An accomplished writer, researcher and copy-editor with a long term interest in the visual arts, he is excited about contributing to that ambition and helping to spotlight digital artists and new media, and in particular women artists, at a time of profound shifts in a global perspective.

Peter is based in Leeds in Yorkshire but has travelled widely. He loves his small but noisy family and spends a lot of time with them in the outdoors. He also enjoys solitude, loves reading, and tries his best to practice mindfulness whenever and wherever he can.

Peter Traynor’ s Portfolio for Agora

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