Venetia Jolly, Copywriter

Venetia is a Master’s student studying History of Art at University College London. Her specialisms include decolonialitynew materialism and value. She is adept at combining well-established research and writing skills with a passion for inclusivity and digital innovation in the arts. She is exploring these ideas in her latest essay on the role of Artificial Intelligence in reimagining stolen artworks.  

Venetia strives to use her knowledge to create positive change in the art world, particularly championing women artists. Her dissertation will explore how society and culture construct our engagement with objects in tangible and intangible waysIt will analyse how certain materials can be brought into exhibition contexts to create more inclusive environments.  

To explore her interest in digital innovation, Venetia completed an online university course on Creative AI. However, she is struck by the male-centric narrative prescribed to new media art. She will use her time at Agora to create a more inclusive and diverse art world. Venetia has a background in various institutions including an internationally renowned museum, a commercial gallery, a non-profit gallery, a stately home and multiple arts charities.   

Venetia Jolly’ s Portfolio for Agora

  • Graffiti Queens - NFT shows - Agora Digital Art

NFTs in Digital Art: Tokens or Tokenism?

28 April 2021|Comments Off on NFTs in Digital Art: Tokens or Tokenism?

Discover how NFTs are democratising the art world and making it more inclusive to women in Digital Art. Venetia Jolly  |  Ed  Peter Traynor | 28 April 2021 [...]

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