Zelda Solomon, Copywriter

Zelda Solomon (she/her) is a writer and student, currently taking an MA in Race, Media and Social Justice at Goldsmiths College, London. She completed her undergraduate degree in History of Art at The University of Edinburgh, with a focus on cultural policy and contemporary art. She is currently researching digital racisms and virtual curation tactics.
Zelda is freelance writer and was previously the Culture & Politics editor at WomantoWoman, and also sat on the Decolonising the Curriculum board at The Edinburgh College of Art. She co-founded the theatre company SexyAsiansInUrArea with Camilla Anvar, which debuted its first show last year as part of the RUMAH@Khai festival and all-Asian-showcase. She has keen interest in representation and identity, and how they shape and are shaped by digital spaces.

Zelda Solomon’ s Portfolio for Agora

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