Snow Yunxue Fu

Delve into the liminal and explore the “techno-sublime” of digital art.

Elspeth Walker  |  Ed YoungMi Lamine  |  19 October 2019

20.08.26 Agora Talk: Snow Yunxue Fu talks about the Liminality of Digital Art

Snow Yunxue Fu (b. 1987) is an International New Media Artist who lives and works in New York City. Fu is also an Assistant Arts Professor at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Photography and Imaging.

Using topographical computer-rendered images and installations, her practice merges historical, post-photographic, philosophical, and painterly explorations into the universal aesthetic and definitive nature of the “techno-sublime”.

Latest Event

24 March to 24 June, 2021

Snow Yunxue Fu,  “Liminal Momentum” (2021) – Snow Yunxue Fu Solo Exhibition at Duende Art Museum,
© Courtesy of the artist.

Virtual Show Live Stream on Youtube: 28 April 2021 7:30 – 9 pm EST

What’s next?

Snow Yunxue Fu, Liminal Momentum (2021) solo show twin of the physical show in China © Courtesy of the artist.

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Did you know?

Snow Yunxue Fu’s transition into new media is a natural extension of her conceptual research in which she draws parallels between the physical, metaphysical, digital, and multi-dimensional spaces. Fu’s artwork has been shown internationally in solo shows, group exhibitions, screenings, and festivals including the New York Gallery of Chinese Art, New York; Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy; Pioneer Works, New York; NADA Art Fair, New York; Sedition, Hong Kong; Arebyte Gallery, London, UK; Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale, Shenzhen, China; Current Museum of Art, New York, Thoma Art House, Santa Fe; Currents Santa Fe New Media Art Festival, New Mexico; The Wrong Biennale, the Internet. Her work has also been collected by the Currents Museum of Art in New York.

Her work reviews and interviews have been covered in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Arebyte on Screen, Sedition, the St. Louis Magazine Art Review, Guangzhou Today’s Focus in China, and etc. She participated in residencies such as the Hatch Residency through the Chicago Artist Coalition, Biocultura Residency in Santa Fe NM, Lexington and Concord Artist Residency in Illinois, and Estudio Nómada’s Mas els Igols Residency in Barcelona, Spain.

She has given lectures and presented on her work and research in conferences, symposiums, and institutions around the world including International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), SIGGRAPH Asia in Brisbane Australia, the Chinese-American Art Faculty Symposium, Veritas Forum, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Chicago, and China Academy of Art.

Selected Projects

Snow Yunxue Fue, Karst 2 (2020) VR Series © Courtesy of the artist.

Karst 2 VR series

The site refers to the disappearing glacier sites in west Canada where Snow took a visit to in the summer of 2018.

Karst is a liminal space between the representational and the theatrical, the limits, and the multi-dimensionality. The experience embodies the concept of Plato’s cave in the medium of a virtually contracted realm, providing a contemplative environment for the visitor to wonder: walking and teleporting with the virtual wireframed hands that are given to them.⠀⠀

The Space Dust program is curated by Snow Yunxue Fu as part of 2020 SUPERNOVA Festival. It showcases 3D moving image artworks that reflect the current unsettling time which we all are living in, relating closely to the main theme of this year’s festival “World on Fire”. The program features selected work by artists who were taught by me in both the Film, Video, New Media, and Animation Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Department of Photography and Imaging at Tisch School of the Art New York University, as well as a piece of my own called “Mist”. The selected artworks explore the theme of realities through the post-photographic lens of this infinitely capable medium by creating digital alternative spaces, utilising fluid simulation, body model forms, key-framed animation, and other 3D techniques. Drawing from the theatrical, performative, cinematic, sculptural, and gaming practices, the exhibiting artworks explore the strangeness and boundaries of reality.

Trench 2 © Courtesy of the artist.

Trench is a virtual reality project that is set in a digitally simulated space resembling an abstracted oceanic environment not unlike the Mariana Trench. While diving deeper within the simulation, the participant approach’s various CGI marine-like objects, which will trigger natural and glitched phenomena that alter the digital experience. The glitching and abstraction of these objects and environment will be based on the visualization of data from environmental research.

The space invites a subliminal experience interrupted by the beauty and terror of natural and man-made phenomena, documenting the current disparity between the majority’s perception of environmental damage caused by human activity, the actual data that exists on such matters, and our desire to preserve, enjoy, and relate to nature.

(Project Assistants: Kamile Eidukeviciute, Ashley Liu, Soffiah Decena, and Jun Kang)

Ground Fires (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.

Fire Line Studies 2020 was presented at SUPERNOVA Festival, in Denver. The fire series portraits the states of 3D fire burning. The forest fire has been a destructive phenomenon that is also, unfortunately, a common occurrence in recent times. Whether caused by natural or human-made reasons, it could be rather a destructive and uncontrollable force. However, the bushes in the scenes of the virtual flames maintain their seemly unbreakable shapes, unlike the physical trees and forest that are easily ruined by the all-consuming fires.

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Speakers: Scott Fuzion and Dr. Rolf Hoefer

Special guest women crypto artist: Snow Yunxue Fu

They answered 3 questions:

  1. What is the intrinsic value of NFTs?
  2. How can artists use NFTs to capture more value?
  3. What’s the life of an NFT artist?

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Snow Yunxue Fu "Picture of the Liminal exhibition" read the blog on Agora Digital Art or watch her Agora Talk

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Snow Yunxue Fu and Wade Wallerstein explained the concept of liminality in the digital world. 

The word liminal is often used to discuss the sublime within digital space and the VR experience, conjuring up notions of time, space, and perception, and echoing the experience of the sublime in nature.

Watch this talk

Key achievements

With a background in painting and having moved into new media art, she remains the youngest artist collected by the National Art Museum of China.

In 2021, Fu won the International Art Rights Prize in the Digital Art Category.

In 2020, Fu was shortlisted for the Niio x AI Art Prizes 2019/2020.  Part in the group show Well Now, WTF?, Fu’s work “Balancing Act” (2020) was mentioned in The New York Times on 13 May 2020.

In 2020, Snow Yunxue Fu was awarded the First Place in the Digital Art Category of the Art Rights Prize, the first International Virtual Art Award.

In 2018, the video Side (2017) is in the permanent collection of The Current Museum of Art, New York, USA.

“Balancing Act” 2020 – Well Now WTF? © Courtesy of the artist and Silicon Valet

Solo shows

  • 2020 Bask, Solo Window Display, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • 2020 Conjoin (Chapter 3), Solo Online Showing with …by artists project on the Arebyte on Screen (AOS)
  • 2020 Liminality Liminoid, Solo show, Multispace NYC, New York, NY
  • 2019 Karst, Snow Yunxue Fu Solo Show, Chazan Family Gallery, Rhode Island College, Providence RI.
  • 2016 Tunnel, solo show, DINCA Space and Double Frame Gallery, Mana Contemporary Chicago, Chicago IL.

Group shows

  • 2021 Two Person Shows, Gordon Parks Gallery at Metro State University in Saint Paul, MN
  • 2020/21 Artworks shown in the Art Rights 3D Virtual Exhibition on the Lieu City VR exhibition platform
  • 2020 The FutureLab 2020 exhibition at the West Bund Art Center in Shanghai
  • 2020 Conjoin (Chapter 2), File Festival, Cultural Centre of SESI in São Paulo City, Brazil
  • 2020 Bask, Third Chinese Women Video Art Festival, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 2020 Fire Line Studies, wwwunderkamme, Project by Carla Gannis, The Archive to Come, an – on-line AND in the gallery – exhibition of moving image work at Telematic Media Arts, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2020 Karst 1, Conjoin (Chapter 3), Karst 3, Electric Artefacts, New York, NY and London, UK

Museums or Fairs

  • 2020 ART + TECH Festival “Joynt” in the virtual New Art City gallery
  • 2020 Elementum Exhibition – part of the Digital Art Month in Miami
  • 2020 Supernova Denver
  • 2020 Snow Yunxue Fu Artist Solo Booth, Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF), online
  • 2019 Karst, Ptuj City Gallery, as part of the European Capital of Culture project Maribor in the 17th Art Stays Festival, in Ptuj, Slovenia.
  • 2019 The Galaxy Series and Earth Studies, Too Beautiful to be Real, Off-Site Project, The Wrong Biennial, the Internet
  • 2019 Karst, SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival 2019, Denver CO
  • 2019 Side, Tehran International Animation 11th Festival, Tehran, Iran

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