Call for Artists

All our C4A are open to self-identified womxn and non-binary digital artists.

The following exhibition’s themes were discussed with the team and wonderfully written by Gabriella Gasparini

@ Dust Concept (2021) artworks concept and creation – ed. YM Lamine © Courtesy of Dust Concept.

The Sublime (Autumn 2021)

That feeling of being at once frightened and in awe, insignificant but at the same time invincible, eternal but also very finite and ephemeral – that’s the paradoxical sensation of the sublime! And as we enter ever more uncertain times, both technologically and existentially, the feeling of the sublime casts a shadow on our future, making us both wonder in anticipation and worry in trepidation. What scary frontiers are ahead of us in this ever-digital world? And what fascinations await?

Artworks: any New Media Art + 7 min. video

Exhibition: [maybe physical for 3-day in London] and certainly in VR Mozilla Hubs in Nov 2021

Deadline to apply: 5 Sep at 12:00 (noon) BST

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Paulina Greta aka @dollsdream, Second phase of “Phosphine” (2020) © Courtesy of the artist.

The Dream (Spring 2022)

The unconscious, the illogical, the irrational – what is it about dreams and their uncanny nature that drives us towards conjuring fantastical explanations and mystical reports on their meanings? The depths of the internet have become a repository for dreams, hopes, irrational thoughts and vents – but are we asleep or awake? Sleepwalking or stationary? Is this a dream or a nightmare?

Artworks: any New Media Art with a touch of surrealism

Exhibition: [maybe physical for 3-day in London] and certainly in VR Mozilla Hubs in March 2022

Submission opens: Nov 2021

Deadline to apply: 30 Jan 2022 at 12:00 (noon) GMT

Xanthe Dobbie (2021) © Courtesy of the artist.
Hosted by Aiden Gentle (they/them) with performances from Daniel Browning (he/him), Taz Clay (he/him), Rachael Cavanagh (she/her), Jordan Clayden-Lewis (he/him), Xanthe Dobbie (they/them) and Belinda Raposo (she/her).

Queer Identity (Summer 2022)

We willfully disclose a lot of information about us online, information that becomes our digital identity or personas. If DNA makes up the building blocks of who we are as humans, digital data makes up our identity online – based on the information blocks we share online, what would we look like? What colour would our eyes be? Would we even have eyes?

For all queer artists

Artworks: any New Media Art

Exhibition: [maybe physical for 3-day in London] and certainly in VR Mozilla Hubs in June 2022

Submission opens: Feb 2022

Deadline to apply: 1 May 2022 at 12:00 (noon) GMT

Veronica Petukhov, Senshi Warrior (2021) © Courtesy of the artist.
💥👉 Try this awesome filter Senshi Warrior   by @vnc.ptk 

The Mask (Autumn 2022)

Masks conceal our identity but at the same time reveal something new about us, letting us showcase our deeper desires or simply allowing us to dissociate from our usual selves, albeit just for a moment.

Online, we create a multiplicity of different personas, in a sense, we wear masks and perform them, without physically having to wear a mask. But what would they look like, if we were to wear them digitally?