W21 is an ongoing participatory art project focusing on post-feminism and intersectional practice in art, science, culture, and technology.

The 20/21 theme is dis/embodiment.

In recent years, discussions of the posthuman have proliferated, particularly in feminist discourse.

This talk explored, through the work of the artist Lito Kattou, the concept of the posthuman condition in digital art practice.

This talk explored how Digital Art, with its capacity to replicate and virtualise our reality, can help to redefine our notion of ‘being humans’. Drawing from the postfeminist writings of Rosi Braidotti, artist Lito Kattou explores the way we interact with the world by creating installations that keeps human characteristics as part of their ambiguous forms, implying in this way morphological conversations and adaptations. As part of her residency for 89plus curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets at Google Cultural Institute in Paris in 2017, Kattou realised San, an ungendered AI hybridly conceived with the human, divine, and animal traits, living in the Red Lake in Mitsero, Cyprus – recreated by Kattou as a real-time digital environment.

  • understand the relation between digital art and posthuman discourse;
  • evaluate and question the role of digital art in shaping our ecosystem.

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